Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Benefits of E-cigarettes

Are you addicted to smoking but cannot stop? Can’t you sleep at night without taking a puff? There is good news for you! E-cigarette or ecig is now available in the market since 2007.
E-cigarettes are cigarettes that have no tar or other chemical toxins found in tobacco. It is electronically working and has no actual smoke. Ecig has almost the same appearance as the regular tobacco cigarette.

What are the benefits of smoking e-cigs?

1. No Smoking, literally.

Since e-cigarettes are designed as smoke-free device, you do not need a match or lighter to light it up. Instead, there is a battery inside that makes it work. The vaporizer and cartridge with nicotine create vapor when heated. It can look like you’re smoking a real cigarette but there will be no smell.

2. The use of an ecig is safe

FDA or Food and Drug Administration have not yet approved its safety. But according to most consumers and users of e-cigs have not reported any harmful or undesirable effect of an ecig. The regulation of manufacturing of an ecig is being done and disclosed.

3. You can control your nicotine intake

The nicotine level on an e-cigarette can be controlled because the cartridges contain different level of nicotine. In this case, the user can choose the nicotine strength that he prefers. In addition, there are also cartridges that have a liquid without the presence of nicotine.  In that way, customers who do not want the effects of cigarettes but only its experience can use e-cigs without nicotine.

4. There will be no smell of smoke.
There will be no mark of smell in your hair, clothes, or hands, When you light up an electronic cigs, all you get is a pure vapor that has no odor. You can smoke without the others complaining about its bad smell.

5. It can be purchased easily.

Electronic cigarettes are available internationally and are sold online. Its origin is China but is now available in many countries.

6. You can have better health

Without chemical toxins and tar, your body can now be free of the health threats that these chemicals bring. Some users report that they can feel much healthier because they can breathe easily and have a healthy skin.

7. It can improve your self-confidence

Since there is no odor from the chemicals, you can now have fresh breathe and will not need candies or mints in order to freshen your breath after smoking.

8. You can save money!

Tobacco cigarettes are considered more expensive than e-cigs because ecigarettes are reusable and rechargeable. You can cut out expenses because you can just refill the empty cartridge when needed.

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Factors to Consider Along With Electronic Cigarettes

It can be a bane of life for people to quit smoking. It is because of addictive nature of the electronic cigs, which does not let the user to quit tobacco cigarette. Initially, you need to search for a healthier alternative to the e-cigs that can do the trick for you. Speaking of the healthier alternative, e-cigs are rated as the primary source of providing healthy smoking options to the users. Along with e-cigs, many other management techniques are there that you can rely on. Following are the important aspects you need to keep in mind when you are looking to quit tobacco cigs.

Specific Goals
Besides the usage of the e-cigs, you need to set specific goals for yourself in connection to quit tobacco cigs. You can start with a daily routine where you need to cut down the intake of tobacco. Research has showed that many addicted smokers go with the intake of tobacco along with the e-cigs. Therefore, it is important to nip the evil, and for this to happen, you need to set certain goals for yourself. No doubt, electronic cigarettes are a great way out, but still, you need to set certain goals for you to achieve. Such goals can help you quit tobacco. This kind of an action would provide long-term results, and if you focus on this aspect, you would not revert to tobacco intake again, once you have made efforts to quit that.

Proper Management
E-cigs can help you diverge from tobacco cigs. Initially in such a switch, you need to undergo a proper management technique. It is essential for addicted and chain smokers and you must keep this aspect into account. The efficiency and effectiveness of the electronic cigarettes is undeniable, but you need to have proper management for the purpose in hand. Ego-C starter kit is a great way to overcome the hazards of tobacco smoking. If you are to get it done for a long run, then you must put emphasis on managing yourself to overcome health hazards related to tobacco cigarettes.

A professional that has expertise in counseling and letting people know about the hazards of tobacco can do the trick for you. Though, almost every smoker has knowledge about the health hazards, but a professional has his/her own way of handling the matter. A counseling expert would instruct the smoker to switch to the usage of e-cigs. It is done to make sure the user is exposed to minimum health hazards. Counseling goes on simultaneously, as it is necessary for the tobacco user to undergo a couple of counseling sessions with the experts in the related field.

Stick to the Task
It is important for the addicted smokers to stick to the task, and make up their mind in connection to quit tobacco cigs. It can take time for the user to get familiar with the tobacco cigarettes, but one needs to persist with these, as e-cigs are a complete package when you look for complete satisfaction of smoking coupled with minimal health hazards.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Handling and Usage Tips for Electronic Cigarette Start-up Users

It is essential and important that you get the maximum out of an electronic cigarette. For starters, it can be difficult to handle so many accessories that you get along with the e-cigs. If you are not sure about the exact usage, or looking for some additional tips, then this is the place for you to be.

Purchase of E-liquid
When you buy the electronic cigarette starter kit, make sure you buy e-liquid as well. It is important that you buy at least one bottle of the liquid. For starters, it is not necessary, but for those that are on their way to quit tobacco cig, it is necessary for them to buy the e-liquid. One extra Bottle of e-liquid is important, as it will prevent you from going back to the tobacco cig. Make sure you keep the bottle of bud e-liquid with you as a reserve. When you start with e-cigs, you cannot estimate the time for which the first cartridge will last, so to counter such situation and to prevent yourself from reverting to the tobacco cigarettes, you have to have spare and additional bottle of e-liquid up your sleeves.

Try Different Flavours
As an e-cig comes in various flavours, you must try all the available tastes. Once you do so, you can determine the required flavour for yourself. Trying out all the flavours is necessary when you are looking to come across the ideal flavour of your liking. Prior to finalizing the purchase, you should let the online store (in case of online purchase) know about the flavors you are intending to try out. It is always handy if you can finalize the related matters before placing and confirming the order.

Nicotine Concentration
Initially you cannot estimate the correct and appropriate concentration of nicotine you want to go with. To counter such a situation, you need to try out various levels and concentrations of nicotine. Nicotine level ranges from zero to any desired quantity. Make sure you go with the level of nicotine that you are at ease with. You can come across the perfect concentration of nicotine only when you are willing to try out the various levels of concentrations.

Holding an Electronic Cigarette
It is important that you consider the accurate and correct holding of the e-cigarettes. Always hold the e-cig at a downward angle. In doing so, e-liquid and the vaporizer would be in a perfect direction with each other. This would let you get the maximum out of the cartridge in use. You can enhance the tobacco scent present in the e-cig if you hold and place the e-cig in the manner specified.

Electronic Cigarette Case
Though, all the electronic cigarettes have the ability to withstand and resist scratch, but still, you should buy an e-cig case to be on the safe side. The case would prevent the device from malfunctioning and other damages. Make sure you buy the case from a genuine distributor.  

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Impact of E-Cigarettes on Human Health

Everyone has to account for the health factor. It is important as our health serves as the most ultimate and important factor in life. Smoking tobacco cigs causes adverse effects on one’s health, and it is something you need to be aware of every time you smoke. Various diseases are associated with tobacco, and if you do not quit smoking tobacco, then you can face hardest of times. If you are determined enough to avoid such dangers, then you must search for the various alternatives on offer. Go for the right one, as selecting the best and the perfect alternative to the tobacco cigs can be a tough ask for you.
Electronic cigs are now in high demand because of these researched results. People prefer to go with these cigarettes, as these provide a great smoking sensation with little or no health hazards. Wondering how it is done? Answer to this question is a simple one. E-cigs do not contain tobacco; rather these are based on the scent of tobacco. The absence of tobacco makes an e-cig the definite choice, if they are looking to quit smoking. People, who want to enjoy the same sensation as that of smoking tobacco, should go for e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are indeed healthy way to smoke, which the people look forward to. Many factors contribute to the electronic cigarettes being healthy to smoke. If you are interested to know the reasons that make electronic cigs a healthier option, then you need to refer below for details.

Cartridges present in e-cigs make the cigarette healthy to use. There are no side effects and no direct health hazard related to electronic cigarette. It is owing to the cartridge that you smoke healthy cigs, as cartridges are the main player in connection to smoking electronic cigs.

Atomizer enhances the quality of electronic cigs. Quality and health are associated in a way that high quality atomizer can in turn provide healthy results. Atomizer is responsible for getting it done regarding the working of electronic cigs. E-cigs are a complete package that is in accordance with the health standards. Furthermore, atomizer counter checks the situation and filters the vapours, which in turn provides healthy smoking option. Electronic cigs can be added to your itinerary of smoking, as these do not come with health hazards. 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

The history of electronic cigarettes dates back to early 90’s. It has become difficult for the people to switch to any healthier alternative to the e-cigs. Cigarette Manufacturing companies have played vital role and they have made many innovative products. One of them is an electronic cigarette. It is not an ordinary kind of cigarette containing tobacco; rather it is free from any tobacco, which makes it a healthier option. Various other products are there that are an alternative to the tobacco cig. These include nicotine gums and many additives and preservatives are used for the mentioned purpose as well. None is as effective as the e-cigs, which provide you complete satisfaction when you are looking to have a healthier and smokeless alternative to tobacco cigs. . The efficiency of an electronic cig is not just restricted to the purpose of quit smoking. Many starters and newbie go for e-cigs, because of them being impressive. E-cigs are 100mm in length that makes them easy and comfortable to carry.

Electronic cigarettes emit artificial type of smoke that is just like the tobacco cigarettes. Users of the e-cigarettes inhale the nicotine vapour that depicts smoke like image. In reality, there are no carcinogens in an e-cig, which have severe and harmful effects on the health of a person. A nicotine cartridge is present in an e-cig. When the process of inhaling takes place, a battery and an atomizer turn the nicotine into required vapours. Quantity of nicotine is adjusted, and you can set your own level of quantity of nicotine you want to go for. You do not have to wait for the vapours to come, as they are set up in seconds. When you inhale, an LED light made up of a small bulb glows at the top of the e-cig. The e-cigarettes do not emit smoke, which is useful not only for the user, but also for the surroundings as well.
Strength of the nicotine cigarettes varies, and you must buy one according to your own requirements. Nicotine cartridge really attracts every smoker big time. People who start by e-cigs are of the view that these cigs help them save considerable bucks. A nicotine chamber is present that lets the user control the nicotine amount. Many kinds of flavours are present when you buy e-cigs. You can have your required flavour, which can set the ball rolling. Many fruity flavours are available, and you can even request for a flavour of your own choice. Demand for e-cigs has increased due to many factors. One important factor that has paved way for increased demand and recognition for the e-cigs is the legal aspect of these electronic cigarettes. You cannot smoke the traditional tobacco cigarette at public places. This can be a headache, and if you are to overcome that, you need to switch to the usage of e-cigs. There is no such restriction attached to the usage of e-cigs. You can smoke them anywhere you want, for the sole reason of being smokeless cigs.

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